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Physical Therapy Services

Manual Physical Therapy

Manual Physical Therapy is skilled soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization and/or neural tissue mobilization in order to create mobility, restore tissue health and optimize functional movement. Specific hands-on techniques use pressure, kneading, and manipulation to dramatically improve range of motion and healing of injuries all over the body. Our therapists are experts in manual therapy techniques developed from international and American institutions such as the Folsom Long Term Course, Maitland-Australian Physiotherapy Seminars (MAPS), the Institute of Physical Arts (IPA), and many others. 

Graston Technique

Graston is the implementation of stainless steel instruments for soft tissue assessment and treatment that can speed up recovery. Through the use of these tools, major and minor fibrotic changes in your soft tissue can be identified and treated efficiently.

ICE - Ice-Compression-Elevation

ICE, or Ice, Compression and Elevation, is still a favorite method of reducing pain and swelling. However, we use technologically advanced devices, such as the Game Ready units, which provide both cyclic pneumatic pressure and ice simultaneously.

Postural Assessments

Most people are unaware of their posture, yet if you are walking, standing or sitting crooked, all your joints will suffer. Over time, your bad posture can cause injury and chronic pain. A proper analysis for postural deficiencies and an individualized prescription for body realignment can be a powerful tool for conquering pain. 

Ergonomic Assessments

Chances are you spend the majority of your time during the week at a desk. We provide ergonomic advice on workplace set up and we teach therapeutic exercises to prevent repetitive stress injuries and as well as neck and back pain, all while at your desk.

Running and Gait Analysis

Perhaps your style of running or walking has led to your pain or injury. 欧洲杯买球网站 physical therapy team uses a wireless sensor technology system that tracks and measures how elite athletes move in real-time. Wearable motion and muscle activity sensors record biomechanical data at 200 frames per second, providing invaluable information that guides our rehab team in assessing your technique and movement for performance analysis and muscle re-education. Footwear adjustments and orthotics will be made at the time of the visit.

Custom Orthotics

Wearing the right footwear can sometimes be enough to reduce foot pain as well as ankle, knee, or even back pain. However, sometimes you need a little extra help to make your foot more efficient. Orthotics are custom foot supports that are placed in the bed of your shoe to influence the function of the foot. A thorough evaluation by a physical therapist trained in orthotic fabrication is the best way to find out if you need orthotics.

Therapeutic Exercises

If you have been injured, whether it is due to a forceful trauma or just wear and tear over time, your body looks for a way to compensate. This compensation leads to imbalances, overuse of an uninjured limb, and overall dysfunction. Below are a few videos showing therapeutic exercises. The exercises prescribed are individual to the person and may consist of stretching, strengthening, neuromuscular education, gait training, and balance work to name just a few. 

Sports Test and Assessment

Our aim is to return our patients better than they have been in years. A sports test measures all the goals of fitness: strength, agility, balance, proprioception, cardiovascular/respiratory endurance, stamina, flexibility, power, coordination, and accuracy. We use this to determine when you are ready to return to full sports. A series of balance and jump tests are performed on each leg in order to assess the involved leg versus the uninvolved. Once weaknesses are identified, we create a personalized program to return optimum balance and power. 

Virtual Fitness & Rehab

Virtual Rehab Consultation (15-minutes)
Our rehab team will provide visual observation, evaluation, and education including Range of Motion, recovery progression, and overall full body function. We will work together to create and implement forward progression in your protocol. Progress will include a home exercise program through the MedBridge digital platform. 
Virtual Rehab Visit (30-minutes)
Our rehab team will provide a virtual 1 on 1 movement assessment and evaluation based on your current needs. During your assessment, you will be guided through self-treatment, therapeutic exercises, and strength and conditioning to increase function and movement. Following the visit, you will be provided a home exercise program through the MedBridge digital platform.